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New & Now: Lonerider Ranch Water

My friends at Lonerider have done it again! They have come out with North Carolina’s first Ranch Water and let me tell ya, it is good.

Keeping Your Cool During Multiple Offer Scenarios

The market is still HOT but I am here to help you not sweat when the house of your dreams gets multiple offers. Right now, most homes are getting more than several offers because of the supply and demand we have going on here in Raleigh.

Fall Events That Are On My List

Eden is loving fall and so is the Boone family! Fall means event season in Raleigh and I couldn’t be happier about it. Below, I have listed a few happenings that I am looking forward to this year. Put them on your calendar and maybe I will see you there.

What is an Institutional Buyer and How Is Selling to One Different?

When you think of a home buyer, you generally think of one person or a family who is purchasing the home to live in but this is not always the case. Institutional buyers or investors are currently major players in the booming real estate market and their transactions are uniquely different from traditional buyers. Keep reading to learn more about this type of transaction and how you can market your home to institutional buyers as well as traditional buyers.

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